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Trading and distributing foodstuffs
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Al-Sabeqeen for Trading and Distributing Foodstuffs,one of the sectors affiliated to Al-Sabeqeen Group. We work in the trade and distribution of foodstuffs in the United Arab Emirates. The company operates in the UAE market and covers the market completely by dealing with major markets and distribution dealers in the United Arab Emirates. It also deals Directly with the tourism and hotel sectors by supplying all the necessary foodstuffs for these sectors, as well as dealing with major restaurants in the country and catering companies .

Our vision
bring people together and have a positive impact on our customers, our team, the environment and the community. To be a leading provider of quality delicious foods and impeccable customer service by offering a versatile and flexible service with consistency and presentation that will leave a lasting.

Our mission
To provide a fun and safe environment where our customers can enjoy good food made with quality ingredients at affordable prices.