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About Us

Who are we

Al Sabqeen General Contracting Company is a UAE national company, operating in the UAE since 2000, under the supervision of an administrative and professional management with more than 20 years experience, and has several branches in the United Arab Emirates.

Company activity:

1: General Contracting: (Construction works for metal and concrete constructions).
2: Management of private and governmental stablishments.
3: Cleaning and sterilization: the implementation of contracts for general cleaning and sterilization services.
4: General maintenance works for all types of buildings.
5: Trading and distributing foodstuffs.
These include the periodic maintenance of various projects and facilities that have been completed by the company or those projects that are fully assigned to the company.

Our Vision :

Achieving and accomplishing everything that comes from the imagination and engineering creativity of the latest constructional or architectural designs, whether internal or external to different buildings, according to the highest quality standards to meet the various demands of the people of this country, and the implementation of the company's commitment to the effective contribution to society, to keep pace with the continuous and accelerated development to maintain the summit of economic prosperity Who reached the state economy.

The objectives of Al Sabqeen General Contracting Company :

• To achieve and satisfy all the wishes of the people of this country related to the construction of the latest designs of villas and buildings according to their choice, in line with the latest regulations in the field of construction, and to achieve all their requirements at the lowest costs and the highest possible quality and available in modern markets.
• Compliance with the health and safety policy established for the company in compliance with the laws related to the State, and the application of occupational health and safety standards in the establishment of buildings of various types, both commensurate and achieve the goal that was established for them.
• Providing experienced administrative and executive staff to achieve the utmost administrative and executive commitment in the completion and implementation of various projects assigned to the company in accordance with the schedule set for the project, with the application of the company's commitment to the work after the project delivery

Our policy in ourselves:

Quality, commitment and accuracy in various projects assigned to the company with the best and the latest methods and methods of implementation and management

Geographic scope

The company has been able through its policy to expand geographically to cover the  various areas of work for external sites either by the establishment of administrative branches or temporary sites or by the establishment of cooperation contracts with other entities to work geographic coverage that are commensurate with the geography of the company's projects