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About Us

Al Sabqeen General Contracting Company is a UAE national company, operating in the UAE since 2000, under the supervision of an administrative and professional management with more than 20 years experience, and has several branches in the United Arab Emirates.

Over the course of more than eighteen years, the company has completed, implemented, delivered and maintained many projects, including projects affiliated with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, projects affiliated with First Gulf Bank, Loans and Housing Authority, and Al Ain Municipality, as well as direct private financing projects from the client. From the year 2000 until now, we are committed to the building code and its sustainability as an approved international system and code.

Achieving and accomplishing everything that comes from imagination and engineering creativity for the latest structural or architectural designs, whether internal or external to different buildings, according to the highest quality standards to meet the various requirements of people in this country, and implement the company’s commitment to effective contribution to society, to keep pace with the continuous and rapid development to maintain the top Economic prosperity that reached the state's economy. 

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Design and planning of various buildings, construction and implementation in accordance with the project schedule since the receipt of the project to the end of the project, whether residential, administrative or commerc...

Processing, training and management of appropriate administrative teams for various government or private sectors assigned to us in this field , with constant follow up to maintain the professionalism of management and excellence&...

Carry out general cleaning and evaluation of various facilities using environmentally friendly materials and implementation by skilled work teams, manage all stages of cleaning and evaluation professionally in accordance with the ...

These include the periodic maintenance of various projects and facilities that have been completed by the company or those projects that are fully assigned to the company.

Al-Sabeqeen for Trading and Distributing Foodstuffs,one of the sectors affiliated to Al-Sabeqeen Group. We work in the trade and distribution of foodstuffs in the United Arab Emirates. The company operates in the UAE market and co...


With the passage of many years of work and diligence, and with the cumulative experience achieved by the company, which was able to obtain certificates in various aspects of occupational health and ...

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